Natural Hair Check-in!!!

I know I know. Ya’ll haven’t heard from me in a while. To be honest, there was so much going on I couldn’t keep up. Oh But I’m back * insert dance here* and I ready to talk. This blog is just going to be an update on some things I have going on. I was going to compile everything together but I decided to just talk about my hair on this post. If you want to know more about my life update stay tuned.

So let me the first to say that natural hair is hard work….. If you think you can just go natural with no maintenance, let me help you really quick…. Don’t Do It. I know you want me to try and convert everyone off the creamy crack (Ya’ll still call relaxers that right), but it’s not for everyone. I have been natural since 2009 and while I love my curls…. Sometimes they work my nerves. I was doing good with my natural hair routine for while…. Then life happened and I got super lazy. Thankfully my hair is still flourishing.

I am currently on a new no heat challenge. After about 3 years of failed attempts, I am actually doing really well with it. My last blow out was Oct/Nov of 2017. I have had about 3 urges to straighten my hair…. But I am considering getting a sew in to combat that.

I try to wash my hair every week but I would be lying if I told you I didn’t skip weeks sometimes. My hair really can go 2 weeks between washes, so I push that 2 weeks quite often. I also deep condition every time I wash my hair, and I do a bentonite clay mask once a month. This clay mask had been amazing for my hair. I love it!!! I also do protein treatments as needed. I know my hair needs protein when it started to act crazy…. I can really explain what crazy it but you know what I mean. I get a trim about 4 times a year. The last one I got was back in February. I actually got a Deva cut. I wanted to get one for a while and happened to find a place in Richmond so I tried them out. I am going to get another one this month so I will do a separate blog about my experience and what to expect.

Lastly, I colored my hair about 2 weeks ago. I did it at home and no I am not licensed to do hair, I just don’t like to spend money on things I can do myself. I used a box color just to do some highlights but I may go back in a few weeks and apply some additional color. The color I actually used to color my hair is linked on my Amazon Store which you can find here. This is the only box color that I use and I only promote what I love. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the box to make sure that you are coloring your hair safely.

With coloring my hair I did not experience any damage. My hair is about Bra strap length when stretched but shrinkage is very real. I’m not mad at the shrinkage at all because it’s an indication of healthy hair but I have goals I’m trying to reach and my shrinkage is not letting me great!!!

If you have any hair related questions for me let me know. All of my social media info is down on this site… No… I’m not a hair stylist but I am knowledgeable about natural hair….. hair in general…. Until next time I love yall… God Bless and you will hear from me again real soon!!!

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