My Top 5 YouTube Influencers

If you have been natural for any amount of time I know that you have scrolled through YouTube looking for the next new product to add to your collection or the next hairstyle to try out. To be honest, I’m probably on YouTube way more than social media. I’m going to give you a little gift though, think of it as an early Christmas Gift. This post will be all about my Top 5 natural hair Youtubers. Now let me note that these will not be in any particular order. Also, they post regularly so make sure you are subscribed to their channels.


Naptural85 is probably one of the first YouTubers I became attached to. I love that she makes a lot of DIY products and has even recently started a product line recently with those products. I have made a few of them so I know they work. Now she doesn’t have the same hair texture as me but its close. She also has a vlog that I watch as well.

Natural Neiicey

Natural Neiicy is another one that I have been subscribed to for years. She lives in Toronto. She is a curly girl and I watch her because she uses an array of different products. If I ever want to know how a product is going to work on curly hair I will use her as a reference. She also does travel vlogs.

Jewellianna Palencia

Jewellianna Palencia is originally from the DMV. She has a curl pattern that is similar to mine so that is what started me on her channel. She does a lot of wash and go’s…. like me and she seems like the type of person I would be friends with in real life. She normally used pretty similar products to what I use on a regular basis as well.

Bianca Renee

Bianca Renee Today is someone who I consistently watch. She is a Cali girl and she has super curly hair. She is an advocate for products that are silicone and paraben free and also does makeup tutorials for people who have oily skin….. She is always doing something fun and interesting on her channel and works with some awesome brands I probably would have never tried if it wasn’t for her channel. She also doesn’t use heat.

Happy Curl Happy Girl

Okay, I saved her for last because she is probably of all the ladies my favorite YouTuber. I have only been watching her channel for like a year but when I tell you I loved her so much I went back and watched stuff from the beginning of her channel. Raina is another Curly Girl but she experiments with different styles like wigs and clip ins. She loves ECO styler gel and best of all she loves the Lord as she says. Naw really its really refreshing to see these people out here living for Christ in the world we live in today but that’s a different post for another day!

Bonus: NaturallyBree

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a YouTube channel too. I haven’t posted anything hair related recently but there are a lot of vlogs on there. Even some of me singing. There are some posts on there now where I talk about natural hair and talked about some products I love. I will be doing an updated video for that soon. But before you follow these ladies make sure you follow me and smash that subscribe button. My channel is still growing but I plan to have a lot of new content rolling out the 1st of the year. You can also subscribe to my website. That way you get an email each and every time I post!!!!!

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