Single for the Holidays’

With the holidays right around the corner being single can get challenging, especially when you are 30, never been married and no kids. Listen you don’t know how irritating it is sometimes coming around family and they ask you the dreaded question. “Why don’t you have a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend?” I’m my mind I really want to be like mind your business but the Lord is yet working on me…. Amen. So I decided to share the Five Reasons I took a break from dating…. These are not in any particular order.

I was tired of attracting men that aren’t on my level.

Before I rededicated my life to the Lord I dated guys for the wrong reasons altogether. I dated guys because they were attractive or because I wanted someone around who would be able to give me things that I wanted like sex and money. I can remember my first serious relationship; he was amazing at first. His family was not really into church like that but believed in God. He used to go to church with me occasionally only when it wasn’t football season.  He didn’t understand why I was so into church like I was but didn’t really complain about it. He was like he needed a nice girl to balance him out (WRONG).  Anyways I’m done with that. I need someone who is as in love with serving as I am. Even if you are serving in the same capacity that I am that’s fine but Serve!! It’s biblical. Also, looks are not as important to me now. I’m more concerned about how your heart is.

I needed to heal from my past.

The relationship I intend to get into will be my last. I’m so I didn’t want to go into this new relationship harboring anything from my past that would complicate my process. I needed to heal from my mother wounds. I needed to be healed from my insecurities and how I see myself compared to how God sees me. I needed to learn how to trust people again, and lastly, I needed to learn how to forgive people who have hurt me and being okay with not getting an apology from some people as well. I have come a long way and still have a ways to go. I don’t intend on going on to my next relationship perfect. But I do intend to go into it whole. AMEN!

I needed to break Soul Ties.

Listen whole ties are REAL! I had to come out of agreement with anything and anyone that was not lined up with God’s will for my life. That included my exes, old friends, even family members. You will hear more about my family drama in another post but I really needed to break some things off my life and my bloodline in order to be able to move for not only in my future relationship but in my purpose.

I needed to focus on me.

I saved these two for last because they are probably the most important ones. I had to be able to focus on myself. I have goals and dreams that I need to see come to past before I can be investing my time with any man. I used to think that I needed to get the husband then get the house and the career and that is so far from the truth. I learned that I can single and successful there is nothing wrong with that. I also had to learn how to not settle for just anyone. What I have learned during this season especially with the most recent guy I was involved with is that just because he is a good person, doesn’t mean he is good for you.

I needed to focus on God.

I needed to get to know God. I needed to get consistent and my word and prayer. If I wanted a God fearing man I need to be God-fearing women. So I have been focusing on deepening my time in devotion and prayer. I needed to be consistently at the feet of God. This is something that I’m growing to fall in love with more and more each day. I need that dedicated time throughout my day.

So that about sums up why I’m single in these streets. I am actually happy with it for the first time and a long time. So when you go to our family gathers this year come up with your own list and ask your family if they really want to know why you single. Also, make sure you subscribe to my website so you don’t miss a moment of fun. Also, make sure that you follow the millennial Discourse Magazine where this will also be featured. I love ya’ll…. Be blessed and I’ll see ya’ll in my next one!!

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  1. I enjoyed this blog. It definitely has a soothing and realistic feel to it. I wish more people followed this role. If you don’t mind, I would like to share and possibly reblog this topic if you’re OK with that. Of course, I’m asking this before I actually reblog. Look forward to your response.

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