Twist Out Fail!!! Why I only do Wash and Go’s

I tried to do a twist out for ya’ll I promise I did. It was a FAIL. I really wish I took pictures of it before I threw this hair in a bun so you could see this mess. So this post is going to talk about my whole experience.

So to be honest I hadn’t washed my hair in about 2 weeks. Before you go judging me please know I don’t own a diffuser as of this moment. So when I wash my hair and style it in a wash and go, I normally just leave out the house with my hair wet or goes to sleep with wet hair. Neither of those are good for your hair or your health. Walking out the door with wet hair makes you more susceptible to getting sick. Going to sleep with wet hair isn’t much better because I’ll be soaking up my satin pillowcase all night and my hair is still going to be wet when I wake up. So figured I would wash my hair on Saturday afternoon and twist it up and it would be dry by Sunday morning. I did my whole wash and deep condition routine in the shower. Got out and twisted my hair using a cream and some Eco Style Gel, laid my edges and tied my hair up. I put about 15 twists in my hair. (That’s an estimate I didn’t really count) I tried to coil the ends around my finger and that where the issues began.

My hair texture

So based on these hair texture charts that are out here I’m between a 3C, 4A. I really don’t believe in those charts because for one…. My hair has so many textures in it, it’s impossible to put me in one category. I know that a lot of you all feel the same way. Secondly, I feel that the chart could really lower someone’s self-esteem about their hair. You look at the chats and start comparing your hair to what you believe is the ideal texture. Naw sis, there is nothing wrong with the texture God gave you. You got to learn how to master your hair. I have really curly hair. It’s thick but really soft. My texture in the front of my hair is a lot looser than in the back. And my ends are straighter in the front. When you see my dad’s hair you will understand why. My dad’s hair is curly, but he has random straight pieces too. It’s really strange. I also believe that I may have gotten some heat damage in the front of my hair from straightening it but I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell because of how the front of my hair always acts on a daily basis. I was nervous after I put all the twist in my hair because the hair in the front wouldn’t coil in the front like I wanted it to and I didn’t have any perm rods to help it along.

The Process

 I used the same leave in that I normally use for my wash and goes too as well as the Gold Eco Style Gel. I felt like my hair was really moisturized but I probably should have used something with a stronger hold to ensure that my twist would survive the night. Once my hair was tied up I and secured I went to bed on my satin pillowcase.  About 8 hours later I woke up to my hair being about 70% dry. I had to be at church at 9 am so I got dressed and attempted to blow dry my hair as much as I could. I made an executive decision that I was not going to unravel them that morning. I tried to style them as best as I could but ended up just slicking the middle part down with my edged and throwing my twist in a bun. I went to church just like that. I was over it. Like really over it. Throughout the day I got so many compliments on my bun. I would be like this was supposed to be a twist out. Cute style coming… so I thought

The Take Down

So Monday morning I finally decided to take these twists down. I literally prayed the whole time because I had to be at work and didn’t want to be late messing around with my hair. I took down the twist one at a time and separated them. Now some of the came out really cute, others were frizzy, a few were just okay. I didn’t really have time to try and salvage the frizzy ones so I just did a top knot bun and went work. The next day, I took my hair down to add some moisture and see what I could do to salvage my hair. It was cold outside so I really didn’t want to leave the house with wet hair. I ended up spraying some water on my hair and adding some more Eco Style Gel to my hair to tame some of the frizz. After doing that I did a half up half down with a bun. That was the only way I would be able to get some kind of wear out of this style.

Things I will do next time

So I decided to write about this failed style to show you all that you even though I have been natural for a long time, I still have setbacks and struggles. Next time I try a twist out I plan on using some heavier products. I also plan on giving my hair more time to air dry before taking down my hair. Lastly, I finally purchased a diffuser for my hair. I am going to learn how to use this thing and I will, of course, come back and tell you all about it.

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One thought on “Twist Out Fail!!! Why I only do Wash and Go’s

  1. Thanks for this post!! I big chopped March 2018 and I’m still learning what to do. This encourages me to keep trying 🙂

    1. Yes!!!! Keep trying!!!! It’s all about trail and error and getting to know what works for your hair!!! ??

  2. Omg. I know all about this hair texture daughter has the same exact issue coily,straight mix with loose in front and tight in back…must be the genes

    1. It’s gotta be lol don’t make no sense what we go through grandpa hair was like that too I think…

  3. Love the way you broke the process down. I’d love for you to try “one ‘n only Argan Oil” Hydrating Mask.

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