Eco Style Cannabis Sativa Oil Review

Okay so if you follow the natural hair community you know there are 2 gels that are all the rave right now, Eco Style Cannabis Sativa Oil and Wetline Xtreme. I have purchased both of these and plan on doing a review for you all. I’m starting off with the Eco Style Gel.

I watched a couple of reviews on this product when it first came out but I wanted to wait for the price to come down a little bit before I spent my money. On the Eco website, it’s a whole $18.00 I refuse to pay that amount for some Eco so I decided to wait to see how much it would be in stores. I happened to be in the hair store looking for the Wetline Xtreme gel and stumbled across the large tub of gel for 12.99. The smaller ones were sold out so I got the big one and prayed that I liked it otherwise I was going to be really mad. I also found some other Eco Style Gels that I didn’t know existed so I will come back with some other reviews once they have the smaller ones in stock.

I was excited to try a new product especially after my previously failed twist out I talked about in my previous post. You can check that our here.  I rushed home to wash my hair. I did a quick co-wash using my Deva Curl Decadence products. Once I washed my hair I split my hair into four sections. I don’t use any combs for this just my fingers. I applied the gel to hair one section at a time. I didn’t use a leave in because based on the reviews this gel and most leave ins don’t mix. I’m not going to lie to you I was nervous I because I always use a leave-in on my hair. 

The application

The application of this gel was AMAZING. The slip was great and it felt really moisturizing on my hair. My curl definition was another plus. I love for a product to weigh my hair down, that’s how I know my curls are going to pop and this gel did just that. After applying the gel to my entire head and laying my edges I pulled out my brand new diffuser. (I finally purchased one) Once my hair was completely dry I just tied it up and went to sleep. My hair was a little stiff which I don’t mine for the first day. When I woke up the next morning I applied some oil on my hands and ran it through my hair to break the gel cast and went out the door. 


As I am writing this post my hair is currently on day 3. It still looks really good. At night I just do a puff and apply my satin scarf. I haven’t applied any more oils but I do mist a little bit of water on it in the mornings. Not to wet my hair down but just enough to style my hair how I want it. My hair is still really soft and has a lot of movement. That’s another star for Eco in my book.


There were only 3 things that I could find that I didn’t like about this gel. To me, they weren’t deal breakers but something I would want you to be aware of before going out and spending your money. The first thing is the smell. The gel doesn’t smell like weed, but it does have an herbal, almost earthy scent to it. The smell didn’t bother me too much but I know some people have sensitive noses so I figured I’d let you know. The smell does go away once the gel dries as well so you won’t be walking around smelling herbal or anything. The second thing I was not feeling about this gel is that it doesn’t mix with a lot of leave ins. I know that Eco makes a leave in with this line which I sure mix well but still. That is probably one thing that I have been dealing with no matter what eco I use though. Finally, the last thing I think can be improved is the price. I am a loyal Eco Style fan but if there are other gels out there like Wetline Xtreme and are $2.00 to $3.00, I know ya’ll can come down on this price a little bit. Ya’ll know better.  But those are my thoughts on the newest Eco. Have you tried it before? If so shoot me a comment below letting me know how you felt about it. 


Also, I am still running a giveaway for the Eco Style Cannabis and Sativa Oil…. That’s right you can win one to try out. All you have to do is follow me on social media and comment below telling me a product you want me to try that you want to try for yourself. It’s that easy. The will give away is open until December 31st at 11:59 pm est


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