My Amazon Favorites!

So as you all know this Quarantine will make you shop for anything that can be delivered to your door so you don’t have to leave your home. For me, I was at home out of work for over a month because I am a high risk for the Coronavirus. I spend my days sleeping at the beginning because I needed a mental break. Once I was rested I starting getting online and shopping. I have purchased some amazing things online that I can wait to share with you all. Everything that will be talking about today I will have a link available for. Making a purchase through the link is no additional cost to you but does help support my channel and allow me to continue to bring you amazing content.

If you know me personally, you know I love candles. I have candles in my bathroom, my bedroom and in my office. I have one of those long stem lighters you can get to light candles but they eventually will run out and you have to purchase a new one. I was on youtube one day and someone was mention they found a rechargeable lighter for their candles and I had to have it. It was reasonably priced and love it. The charge on it lasts pretty good I had it for about 2 weeks and it is still fully charged. Trust me if you love candles as I do then this is a great buy!

The next item that is one of my absolute favorites is my bookshelf. I dont us it as a book shelf i actually put in my office to hold all my hair and makeup. As n influencer, I am always getting products to test. Most of them come from me buying them but i do have some great companies that send me stuff to try out. I actually saw this shelf in Pastor Phineka Friends IG story. I sent her a message not even know the would respond to me. ( Make sure you are following her on Instagram!) She told me she got it off amazon and hopped right on and made the purchase. It came quickly and it was pretty easy to put together. It looks amazing in my office and I love how neat and organized I am able to hav everything now.

The next purchase I made was something that I received a sample from Influencer and I used it once and was hooked. This lotion smells so good. It is not greasy at all. I use this lotion all over.

Most of you all don’t know this, but i got my nose pierced in February. Had i known that the world was going to be under a pandemic i would have requested they pierced me with a gold stud because silver is not my color at all. I have been on the hunt for gold nose rings and was not sure about what type of nose ring would work better for me. I ordered 20 nose rings for $13.99. I also checked the website and there are still at this price. These had over 1,500 reviews and 4 1/2 Stars. I will be receiving these tomorrow so i will update you all on how I like them.

Lately, I have been obsessed with silicone phone cases. I think it’s the way that they feel in my hand. I found some really cute ones on Amazon that are 1. Affordable and 2. Super Cute. I got the teal and burgundy colors but my sister has a pale pink one and she loves hers as well.

If you have natural hair you know that Satin Pillow Cases are a MUST. I have switched out all the pillowcases in my bed for satin pillowcases. I have these in Light Grey and Orange. I got the orange ones because they matched the comforter I had at the time. I really recommend this brand they are great and have over 2,000 reviews.

So these are some of the amazing items that I have found on Amazon. I really don’t mean to make you spend money, I already know you all have been shopping none stop but you need to add these to your collection.

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