My Truth About Depression

With the suicide rate being as high as it is and more and more people in the media talking about how they deal with depression. I would be remised if I didn’t share my story. Before I get into the details let me first say that yes, I know what the Bible says about depression, I know what the Lord says concerning me. Honestly, when I first came out to my parents about my feelings they made sure to remind me that because I was a Christian I had no need to be depressed. I went to the Bible and read how God would give me beauty for ashes. That he would heal set free and deliver, and I truly believe that he will and is consistently making a change in my life. But sometimes we have to realize that depression can be something that is hormonal, there can be a medical reason. You are not Crazy!

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So you wanna work from home??


The Pros and Cons of working from home….

So some of you have been following me for a while know that I used to work from home full time. Let me be honest with you I miss it so much. I wanted to do an update to the post I made a while back about working from home. I lost the original post when I lost my site. I have learned so much more since then so I wanted to revisit it. I will break this topic down in pros and cons but I will also add some good sites where you can get more info and maybe even start your own work from home business. This Post is NOT SPONSERED. I am not being paid to share any information at all I just get a lot of questions and want to be able to help the saints… Okurrt . Also, this is just my experience with working from home results may vary.

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