How I Killed Myself to Save my Marriage

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 You’re going to learn a lot about me personally the more you continue to follow and read my blog (I’m hoping you will follow me and read my  It’s not all about celebrity gossip, but it’s about my life helping someone else’s life. Let metake you to last year when I killed myself to save my marriage.

My Truth About Depression

With the suicide rate being as high as it is and more and more people in the media talking about how they deal with depression. I would be remised if I didn’t share my story. Before I get into the details let me first say that yes, I know what the Bible says about depression, I know what the Lord says concerning me. Honestly, when I first came out to my parents about my feelings they made sure to remind me that because I was a Christian I had no need to be depressed. I went to the Bible and read how God would give me beauty for ashes. That he would heal set free and deliver, and I truly believe that he will and is consistently making a change in my life. But sometimes we have to realize that depression can be something that is hormonal, there can be a medical reason. You are not Crazy!

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