September Goals

Hey y’all… I’m back. 2020 has been a crazy year so far… I made all these goals in the beginning of the year, then Coronavirus came in and wrecked the whole world. I never though in all my days that we would be witnessing a pandemic. And don’t get me started on how much I hate wearing a mask…. yes I know how important it is but it’s too hot under there…. my heart really goes out to the people on the frontline and any who has to wear a mask for an extended period of time…. any who this post is going to be my goals for the rest of the year… I hope this inspires you all to finish 2020 strong.

The first goal I have for the end of the year is to be more consistent on here as well as social media … I will be the first to tell you I struggle with consistency…. I will make whole list of things I need to do…. do 2 things off the list and then take a nap. Part of the reason for that is my depression sucking the life out of me… I have days where I have absolutely no motivation at all. The other part is that I can’t tell you the last time I wore actual clothes… if you wanna see some pictures in sweatpants and over sizes T-shirt’s I’m your girl… I haven’t worn make up since February. I just don’t feel photogenic these days but I need to get myself out there.

My second goal for this month is to get back in to my hair routine… I have taken lazy natural to a whole new level this year… don’t get me wrong my hair is retaining length. Lola is thriving but I have not been treating her the best… I went from doing my hair weekly to washing my hair every 2 to 3 weeks and keeping it in a bun. I mean in some ways it helps because I am not manipulating my hair as much but I need to do better. I know.

My third goal is to pick up a hobby. I feel like I need to be doing something creative. Blogging is creative,however, I want to do other things like write a book or start a craft. These have been weighing on my heart heavy lately so I want try and start one or both this month. I love writing. There is something so therapeutic about writing for me… especially when I can write about whatever I want … that was the reason I started my blog in the first place. I want to take my writing to the next level though.

So there are 3 goals I have for the month of September. Are you setting any goals this month? Let me know in the comments below… as always you can follow me on all my social media platforms… simply click the icon under this post!! I love you all the most!!! Until next time ✌🏽✌🏽

Welcome Back…..

Hey #curlfriends!!!! I know I know, it’s been a while. There has been a lot going in 2019. Some good, some bad but all learning experiences. So I’m here to give ya’ll an update with these curls because I know that you’re all are dying to know what been going on with me.

No Heat Challenge…… Not so much

So going into 2019 I started a new No heat challenge. I was so excited to go all year with no heat. Then life happened. I honestly got tired of dealing with my hair. Curly hair is so much work. So in about April, I straightened my hair. It wasn’t all bad though letting my hair just be in a bun for a while actually turned out to be a good thing. My hair is as long as it ever been. Then in June, I straighten my hair again for my best friend’s wedding. I wasn’t going to at first. I was set on getting a sew-in, you know putting my hair away for a while. But time got away from me so at the last min I just whipped out my flat iron and went to work. Now that all that is over I’m back to not putting heat on my hair.


So my hair is still blonde. I’m honestly trying to decide what color I want to do next. I really miss my red hair. It was so bomb when I had it and whatever my stylist used lasted for months!! Unfortunately, she isn’t doing hair anymore so I gotta find a new hair color expert in the Richmond, VA area.

What Products am I using?

To be honest I haven’t tried a lot of new stuff this year. I mean if it’s not broke there’s no need to fix it right? I have a couple of reviews that ill be doing soon for some new products that I have used over the last month or so stay tuned!!!

I’m still alternating between my EcoSyle Gels and Wetline Xtreme. It really just depends on how I’m feeling that day. I love the results I get with both products.

What’s to come?

I’m so glad you asked. I have a couple of review coming up. I have a Deva Cut Review coming soon. My appointment is in two weeks. I also have a 20.00 wash day coming out. That will showcase some curly hair products that I found in Ross. Lastly ill be starting my YouTube channel before the end of the year.  So stay tuned family!!! I’ll have some amazing stuff coming your way soon!!!