2020 Skin Care Favorites

Hey, #Breesquad!!! I hope you have had a great week. Today we are going to talk about something a little different! Skin Care. That’s Right! I am going to give you the rundown of the things that I use to keep my skin smooth and glowing. So, if you are looking to ramp up your skincare game then keep reading…. I will add links to the products that I use within the blog, some of these links will be affiliate links so clicking on them does support my channel. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. I have planned a Huge Giveaway next month and you have to be subscribed to enter.


My face skincare routine has really gotten better since quarantine. I used to just use a face wash, throw on any old moisturizer, and run out the door. Most times I would just wash my face and go which is a huge No-No. I have never really had acne-prone skin. I will break out here and again but it’s usually when my cycle is about to start or if I am super stressed out. I think that is it also important for you all to know that I have oily to combination skin.

Face Cleansers

I use two cleansers on my face. I determine what cleanser I need by what I have done that day. If it’s a day where I am just in the house not doing anything, ( basically my life for 2020) I will only use my Cerave Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser was my staple back in high school when I was dealing with ance. As I got older and stop having as many breakouts I started using other stuff to clean my face. I went back to Cereve because this is the only product that makes me feel like my face is cleaner as when I am using other drug store brands. Cerave is dermatology recommended as well.

The other cleanser I have been using over the last month or so is Fenty Skin. Anything that Rihanna has been making recently has been bomb. I mean she can just take all my money at this point. I use Fenty Skin to remove makeup before going in with my Cerave cleanser I also use the Fat Water Toner daily. I love the way that the toner makes my skin feel after cleansing.


Now Speaking of toners let’s talk about some of my favorites thus far. Right now, of course, I am using the Fenty Skin Fat Water toner, but I also love the toner from Lush. The Tea Tree Water toner makes my face feel amazing I use it after cleansing and before applying my moisturizer both day and night. Another great toner that I prefer to use is the Thayers Which hazel toner. This is the toner I have been using for years. I didn’t really know of any other toners to use.


Lastly for my face we have moisturizers. I have been loving the fenty skin moiturser. I love that it has SPF and it doesn’t make my face look all greasy. The other moisturizer that I have been using is Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. I have this one and the Environmental Shield Essential C I actually stumbled across these from my IPSY subscription.


IPSY is a subscription box that sends you makeup and skincare each month. They have 3 tiers. One is 12.00 once is 25.00 and the 3rd is 50.00. If it wasn’t for IPSY I would not even know about this Murad moisturizer or most of the eye shadow pallets that I own. I personally have the 2nd tier and they sent me 5 full-size products each month. If you are looking to build your makeup or skincare collection then click here to join.


My shower routine had been the same for I don’t know how long. I use Dove and Dr. Bronner’s. The Dove that I am loving right now is the Shea Butter and Vanilla. I love warm scents like vanilla, and shea butter so I just gravitated to those scents but they have a lot of scents that are amazing. Dr. Bronner’s is the best for everything I mainly use the Peppermint scent and the Lavender scent as well. Dr. Bonners has a lot of uses and wonderful scents to choose from. Do you all use Dr. Bronner’s? What are some ways you use it? Let me know in the comments below.


I also exfoliate using Tree Hut. I don’t really have a favorite scent I love them all. Right now I am using the Tahitian Vanilla (yes, Vanilla is my go-to) Another Exfoliate that I am loving right now is Formula 10.0.6

For my body my I usually moisturize with whipped shea butter or I use Hempz Sweet Pineapple and Honey Melon Lotion. I love the smell and I love how it absorbs in my skin. In the colder months, I use Shea butter or Cocoa Butter. My dad loved some cocoa butter, that is basically all that was in my house growing up, and like they say… “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

So there you have it. A list of my skincare favorites for 2020. I mean with COVID-19 still being off the chain I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Wash your hands. Wear your masks, please! I love you all thank you for your continued support. Make sure you follow me on all social media and subscribe to my blog!!

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