Welcome Back…..

Hey #curlfriends!!!! I know I know, it’s been a while. There has been a lot going in 2019. Some good, some bad but all learning experiences. So I’m here to give ya’ll an update with these curls because I know that you’re all are dying to know what been going on with me.

No Heat Challenge…… Not so much

So going into 2019 I started a new No heat challenge. I was so excited to go all year with no heat. Then life happened. I honestly got tired of dealing with my hair. Curly hair is so much work. So in about April, I straightened my hair. It wasn’t all bad though letting my hair just be in a bun for a while actually turned out to be a good thing. My hair is as long as it ever been. Then in June, I straighten my hair again for my best friend’s wedding. I wasn’t going to at first. I was set on getting a sew-in, you know putting my hair away for a while. But time got away from me so at the last min I just whipped out my flat iron and went to work. Now that all that is over I’m back to not putting heat on my hair.


So my hair is still blonde. I’m honestly trying to decide what color I want to do next. I really miss my red hair. It was so bomb when I had it and whatever my stylist used lasted for months!! Unfortunately, she isn’t doing hair anymore so I gotta find a new hair color expert in the Richmond, VA area.

What Products am I using?

To be honest I haven’t tried a lot of new stuff this year. I mean if it’s not broke there’s no need to fix it right? I have a couple of reviews that ill be doing soon for some new products that I have used over the last month or so stay tuned!!!

I’m still alternating between my EcoSyle Gels and Wetline Xtreme. It really just depends on how I’m feeling that day. I love the results I get with both products.

What’s to come?

I’m so glad you asked. I have a couple of review coming up. I have a Deva Cut Review coming soon. My appointment is in two weeks. I also have a 20.00 wash day coming out. That will showcase some curly hair products that I found in Ross. Lastly ill be starting my YouTube channel before the end of the year.  So stay tuned family!!! I’ll have some amazing stuff coming your way soon!!!

Natural Hair Check-in!!!

I know I know. Ya’ll haven’t heard from me in a while. To be honest, there was so much going on I couldn’t keep up. Oh But I’m back * insert dance here* and I ready to talk. This blog is just going to be an update on some things I have going on. I was going to compile everything together but I decided to just talk about my hair on this post. If you want to know more about my life update stay tuned.

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